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Asbestos Surveys

Asbestos Management surveys are the most common and is conducted in order that a business may comply with regulations on a day to day basis. A visual inspection is undertaken of a specified area or building and suspicious materials noted and tested for asbestos content in a UKAS certified Lab. A full report is compiled with the certified results and supplied with templates recommendations in order for you to manage and comply with regulations going forward.

Refurb / Demolition Survey

This survey is of a destructive nature designed to identify all hidden areas of asbestos within the specified area prior to any building works and demolishment by the main contractor who may have workers at risk should any materials not be identified and removed first.

Fully Qualified

Fully Qualified Experienced BOHS P402 Asbestos Surveyors
Our surveyors are experienced and fully BOHS P402 qualified.

Signs of asbestos-containing materials can often be discovered visibly without the need for a sample, but sampling is always recommended for UKAS Accredited certified results.

Asbestos testing

Asbestos testing should form part of every asbestos inspection whatever the property type. All suspect materials are sampled by the asbestos surveyor carrying out the survey which is then analysed using microscopy techniques at a UKAS accredited laboratory independent of our company. Single asbestos test results are usually available within 48hrs with a certificate of analysis being produce detailing the asbestos type(s) present within the asbestos material.

Management Plan

This is a live document that must be created to show how you are managing identified asbestos.  This also aids planning any remediation work that may be required ensuring that it is as cost-effective as possible.  Our management team will create a simple to use management plan that confirms your priorities and advise on how to maintain your management plan.   For products that return a low-risk assessment score, we can provide training to enable the ongoing management to be carried out in-house.  Alternatively, we can carry out a cradle to grave service which would include the required periodic inspections, ongoing risk, and priorities assessment, remediation planning and subsequent updating of your management plan.


Additional information about this regulation is available by clicking on the HSE web link to the right or there is an HSE Step by Step Guide which gives 12 steps to managing asbestos to aid the creation of your own survey and management plan, which can be found here.

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